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These days everyone shoots HD video, mainly thanks to smartphones. Vedit allows you to take your own footage and we edit it for you ... fast and simple and no more expensive than downloading the software and trying to do it yourself!

“A picture is worth a thousand words........and a video is worth a thousand pictures!” 
― Ankala V Subbarao

Video Is King

By creating custom content that addresses the important concepts that matter to your potential customers, you will increase your qualified leads and attract the people that are most likely to buy from you. Read More...

Corporate Videos

When it comes to corporate videos there are a plethora of uses. From a branding campaign, a message to staff, an intranet or website walkthrough to Health and Safety policies, annual reports to sales and marketing tips. Read More...

Tutorial Videos

Tutorials usually require a lot of text in them. If you want to teach someone you can use video rather than publishing a huge compilation of text. This will help your readers keep engaged in the content. Read Me...

Drone, Go Pro & Dashboard Cam

GOPRO through to dashboard cam video editing. We will take your footage and edit, colourise, add filters, onscreen animation and graphics and your footage will come back to you with a brilliant, professional new look and feel. Read More...

Animation and Graphics

An animation is one of the most effective tools that you should use. The skillful use of animation on your website or blog can help to increase your targeted traffic in ways that ordinary text-based content cannot do for you. Read More...

Recruitment Videos

It's a well-known fact, if you want cut-through, you want people to notice what it is you have to say or show...do it through video! Here are 7 great reasons video is a must when it comes to recruitment. Read More...

Social Media Videos
Personal Special Occasion Videos

Skip the boring slide show of goofy photos. weddings, birthdays, sports events and anniversaries...these days everyone films and photographs special occasions. Think of your video as a story with an exposition, climax, and resolution. Read More...

Our Feature

We don't compete with other video companies because YOU do the filming. Think of us as your Post-production team, here to enhance your work to ensure you get the cut through your organisation deserves!

Smartphones with a great camera and the ability to record high definition video are no longer difficult to find – in fact, they’re everywhere. Even the professional video content creators are finding that using their mobile phones to shoot video has several major advantages:

Here are some tips to help capture the right footage, we will then take your video and ensure the Post Production lives up to the footage you have supplied...

The Right Lighting!
The Audio Matters as Much as the Video
Steady As You Go...
Verticle or Horizontal Filming?
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