From Real estate promotion to sports events, these tools are changing the way we film and see video.

We will take your footage and edit, colourise, add filters, onscreen animation and graphics and your footage will come back to you with a brilliant, professional new look and feel.

Though still in their relative infancy as a technology, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, aka drones) are already essential tools in the kits of filmmakers, documentarians, and journalists.

Do you have a drone? your next company outing or event, get everyone outside for a group shot! You can think of the drone as a tripod in the sky. Let it hover in the air just in front of the group, or if you’re feeling ambitious, take it to the sky, and capture the scene around the group.

Or you may have a brand new Go Pro in your gear bag right now, you probably know how awesome these little cameras are. Alone, they can be a bit of a novelty, and certainly, don't provide as much versatility as a professional video camera. However, when used in conjunction with other cameras and onscreen graphics, GoPros are undeniably unique and can provide a captivating image that few other systems can compete with.