Skip the boring slide show of goofy photos. weddings, birthdays, sports events and anniversaries...these days everyone films and photographs special occasions.

Think of your video as a story with an exposition, climax, and resolution. Using video, photos, words, and music, create a story arc. It’s fairly easy since you know this story very well!

Typically we recommend videos be on the shorter side to keep people’s attention, but wedding reception videos tend to be an exception to that rule. With your friends and family in attendance celebrating your commitment to your partner, you couldn’t ask for a better audience.

Let's use a wedding as an example:

Photos Before and After You Met
Be sure you have enough photos and video clips from before you met. Try to include a couple embarrassing photos from the bride and groom’s childhood. Then add photos of the two of them as a couple and we will make sure we have a song playing during that section that matches the fairy tale story you’re telling.

The video style you choose will dictate the personality and overall feeling of the video. 

Once you have collated imagery, video, thought about the look and feel you are looking to achieve we will add the perfect colour filters, music, and even narration if to one of our helpful staff today!